LipoMelt ReShape LLLT

LipoMelt – ReShape LLLT Technology How it Works Make an appointment today with Longevity Sciences LLC  763-259-3737 C612-703-4822 Edina, MN Q & A and Testimonials  www.meltthatfataway.com Additional link to …


Medical Journal Designates Fluoride as Neurotoxin To PURCHASE the “Original 304” Propur Portable Micron Filter System, removing Fluoride, hormones and toxins from any water source….. for Home or Office….. …

Arthritic Joints

***Arthritic Knee can be Resolved. Cytokines, PGE2 and Cox2 driven, inflamed Joint Issues can find Science based relief. PubMed.gov study evidence. Call Longevity Sciences to aide Knee Muscle Hypertrophy, …

Iodine and Hormone Balance

The Importance of Iodine Longevity Sciences of Edina offers Free Consultations on Hormone Balancing. Shop / Educate OTC Hormones at Longevitysciences.net   Store, Metagenics Bio-Identical DHEA-Progesterone-Estrogen Iodine is an essential …

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