Metagenics NutriDyn Nutrition Store For Body Sculpting

Metagenics – NutriDyn Nutrition Store Support Your Body Sculpting

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Longevity Sciences is proud to announce the purchase of the latest technology in “Fat Cell Drainage.” LipoMelt Body Sculpting! Please see this video. www.meltthatfataway.com

Meet The Practitioner

Steve Kern has over 30 years experience applying Nutritional Support, Integrative Health Treatments and Functional Medicine to many of the modern maladies and illnesses that now plague modern society.

Our Toxic Food Supply, Environmental Hormone Disruptor’s, Processed Foods, and out fast paced Life Style create a “spiral downward” in Lifespan.  Hence, this loss of Synergy, feeds into Low Energy, sadness and a host of diseases!

Big Change in 75 Years……

Big changes with the onset of the Industrial Age. To start, health issues with Pharmaceutical Drugs as first choice and Petroleum derived Xeno-Estrogens in the Environment. As a result, we are now seeing Rapid Aging, Abnormal Body Image, and a host of Auto-Immune Diseases not know just 75 years ago.

Why Chose Metagenics / Nutridyn for Medical Based Supplements?

Only the US Government has more scientists on staff than Metagenics. The NutriDyn store supplements are FDA / GMP certified and functional based!

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