Mini Minerals – The Secret to Good Health!

It is true your body uses minerals to rebuild, repair and renew itself. It looks for these elements from the foods you eat every day, but over farming depletes the earth of minerals, and our fast pace of life means we eat a lot more processed food.

Ever get a craving for green beans, beets, spinach or, dirt? It may sound strange, but there are people who not only crave dirt, but actually eat it. Of course, dirt tastes bad, but your body may be acting out of desperation to get the minerals it needs for a certain task, or even to survive! Just as an engine fails over time if not properly maintained, your organism can, and will fail if not fueled properly.

It stands to reason that no supplement can completely replace the stuff given to us in nature, for us to eat out of the ground. But, if your pace of life and circumstances do not allow you to get the foods your body consistently needs, supplements may fill the gap. So, which are best?

Food manufacturers put supplements in their foods to meet government regulations, but are they in a form your body can readily use? There is a now famous demonstration of a particular cereal manufacturer putting iron metal filings into their cereal to meet FDA regulation, but of course, your body cannot use this. Is this legal? Apparently it is.

How about pills? Many supplements in pill form are simply crushed up inorganic powders, fillers and binders, Iron supplements in pill form are nearly useless for the same reason iron filings in cereal are useless.

What about liquids? Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. If you go to the hospital and need immediate pain relief, as in the case of a kidney stone, will doctors typically give you a pain reliever in pill form, or will they give you a liquid? Your body processes liquids much faster than solids, so it stands to reason, a liquid mineral would be used faster.

Here is where Mini Minerals come in play. Mini Minerals are in a class to themselves. Because of their incredibly small size, your cells will absorb more readily. A typical colloid can be up to 10,000nm, or about the size of a red blood cell. Mini Minerals, on the other hand, are about 1,000,000 times smaller. Which do you think would be best suited to penetrate cells?

More people than ever take calcium supplements. And yet, we see more and more people, including those taking the calcium, develop osteoporosis. When you go into a Health Food Store or supplement store have you noticed the wide variety of Calcium supplements?

Sometimes as many as ten different types of calcium may be available. The reason for all these types is that no one really seems to understand minerals or knows exactly what type the body really wants and needs.

Most all of them are combined with something which makes the body not recognize it and much too high of milligrams are needed to try and fool the body into absorbing just a little of it. These compounds are man-made compounds. You notice they all seem to end with “ate”, ‘citrate’, picolinate, gluconate, etc. The body has to try to break these compounds down to get a little of the mineral to use. After years of study and testing by using all types of calcium and seeing what minerals are in the body and how much we really use each day it was obvious that no one had the perfect minerals so the 1,000,000 nano meter (nm) mineral was developed.

Mini-minerals are not man-made however. It has been learned how to grow the minerals in a crystalline form and then just harvest them. The correct environment is created, and a natural process makes them grow and then they are gathered. It is obvious that the best minerals would be extremely small. In fact, well under a million times smaller than a colloidal mineral. That would be the right size. The mineral would not be a ground-up power of an element but a grown crystal, which is in the right form and it would be ionic. This means it would stay suspended in a water solution. The end results are minerals that are the perfect building blocks of life and they actually have the ability to solve many of life’s health problems.

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